Saturday, April 23, 2005


I have a million ideas, and only one project. I'm really dragging my heels (no pun intended) on the broadripple socks because I hate the aluminum needles. I will look for bamboo next time I visit my parents (many many wonderful LYSs in their city), but until then, I have a million other decisions to make.

1. I want to make the lace shrug from the spring 2005 Interweave Knits. I already have 4 skeins of mission falls cotton with no project attached to them. I need to get 3 more, and hope they're the same dyelot.

2. I want to make myself a sweater for fall. I'm torn between the "Under the Hoodie" and the "Cowl" (from the Cowl and Howl set) in S'n'B. The hoodie would be more fun, I think, but the cowl would probably get more wear. But, the largest size for the cowl has a 37.5" bust, and I'm a 40 easy. It says the loose gauge results in a stretchy sweater, but just how stretchy? Hmm....

3. Once I decide on a pattern, I need to find the yarn. The hoodie calls for kid classic (not in my budget, not in my dreams)- and while I think I've found a decent replacement in Diamond Yarns Carioca, none of the colours at my LYS really inspire me. The cowl uses lamb's pride worsted, but pure wool makes me itch too much to wear a large garment, so I need a substitute in a blend- wool cotton, or cotton silk, or something else soft that will meet the gauge of the pattern.

And now I have a 15% discount at my LYS, so I feel the need to buy all the yarn I could possibly need for the next year or so at once. I'm sure that it will be more stress than it's worth.

Knitting is supposed to be fun. Someone needs to kick my ass and remind me of that.

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