Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Meet Casey and Finnegan

Mr. Dressup would be happy, I think.

They are absolutely wonderful. They're adjusting well to the house, the kids, everything.

They even snuggle up together to sleep, either in their own bed/scratching post:

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or, in an alternative location (I don't blame them, that pillow is damn cozy):

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And yes, I realise that my knitting blog has transformed into a kitty blog. I don't care. I'll get back to the yarn- eventually.


Amy said...

Cute kitties! Just thought I'd let you know if you wanna get back to yarn the Kingston knit night is coming up next Tuesday! Chapters community room 7-9. Call Wool Tyme if you have questions. Hope to see you there.

bethmiller4625160209 said...
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