Saturday, March 31, 2007

Update- no pictures

We spent the day at "Maple Madness" with the kids, so I am entirely too tired and lazy to get up and get my camera, and my knitting, and find a cat-and-child-free space to take pictures. You're just going to have to take my word for it that I'm progressing.

My boyfriend socks are nearing the end, I think. I did the heels (afterthought heels, which I loved the first time I did them on my husband's socks, but this time it seemed unnecessarily fiddly) and I'm now just knitting up the leg, I guess until I'm out of yarn. I have discovered the one drawback to toe-up socks though, at least for me: I can see that I am going to do a lot of coaxing to get myself to knit these up to the appropriate height. I'm so tempted to just cast off now and turn them into ankle socks, but I know I'd be disappointed later.

My sister's socks, which are top-down, are also just past the heel. I decided to try a short-row heel on those, and I do believe I'm a convert. I like the evenness and roundness of them, and there is no fiddly picking up of held stitches. And no flaps. I'm very not fond of flaps for some reason.

I have already started planning for my next socks- since I've decided to join the Slow-Poke Socks KAL, I am going to have to start thinking ahead. And I realise now that if I'm actually going to talk about future socks, I should put in pictures of the damn yarn. So I'll have to save that for a less lazy day.

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