Thursday, August 30, 2007

If someone could kick my ass in a few weeks

I'd really appreciate it. I have a ton of stuff I need to get on this blog. Primarily, my trip to the War-Time Knitting exhibit at the Bala museum- absolutely fascinating, but I need more time, not to mention more brain cells, to compose a full post about it. But I have to get to it, because it's really neat.

I've knit a bunch of stuff this summer which hasn't made it on here yet because we've been out of town so much. I have had just enough time to upload my pics, update my ravelry account, and feel guilty about not blogging more.

Forgive the blitz picture posting. I just don't want to neglect these, because they're so damn cute.

Finished cotton stria baby surprise:

Finished baby surplice, with matching hat and booties:


Both of those sweaters went to the same person, one of my oldest friends who is having her first baby any second now!

I barely stopped to take a breath before casting on my second baby surprise, this time in Koigu with Fleece Artist sock yarn accents (also with socks and hat to match):


This is for another baby, due in November. I'm itching to give it to the mom right.this.second. Patience was never a quality I managed to achieve.

I should mention that all the buttons for the sweaters were from my mom's personal vintage stash. I don't think I'll ever need to buy buttons in my life. I might anyway, but not because I need to.

This hat for my nephew was just ridiculously easy and quick- Misti alpaca chunky, 2 days knitting time:


I also cast on, then frogged, then re-knit, then frogged again, one of my entrelac socks. That's an annoying story. I don't really feel like elaborating- it makes me cranky.

I got a big Knitpicks order right as we returned from our vacation, and so I began knitting Miles a sweater (per his request). It's not interesting enough for a picture yet.

And to soothe my sock-knitting pride, I've cast on a pair of Monkeys, in STR- autumn colourway. I'm doing them toe-up, but I'm leaving the pattern as-it, so they'll be upside down Monkeys. Meh, I figure Monkeys like being upside down, no?

I have decided to name them Reese's Monkeys. Get it? Like Rhesus Monkeys? I'm a sucker for a bad pun. I blame my dad. But I do have a good reason for the name. Just look:


Damn, hungry. Need candy. Grunt.


Em said...

Blog more! I really want to hear about this museum trip.

p.s. I totally bought LK's last skein of STR 'Autumn', but I promise I won't make Monkeys!

Erin said...

Wow! You've been busy! I love the Rhesus monkey pun. I'm a sucker for animal jokes!