Sunday, August 16, 2009

Now with twice the Honk!

Hey! So I haven't blogged in a year or so...ummm, my bad.

Our family has just moved all the way to Hong Kong (or as Asher likes to call it, Honk Honk). Things have been crazy hectic, but I really want to get back to the blog, if for no other reason than it's a crazy convenient way to keep people up to date on our lives out here!

So it's Sunday, about 8pm here, so most of you are just waking up on Sunday morning. We've been here since Thursday. The first few days were just a complete whirlwind of hauling bags around, trying not to fall asleep mid-afternoon, trying not to collapse from the heat (currently 30/86, feels like 43/109) and about 17 trips to the tiny park'n'shop downstairs- they sell everything in small packages because of the small kitchens, small fridges, etc. But when you have a 4 year old who eats very little besides peanut butter sandwiches, you start to wish for full sized loaves of bread already!

Major successes so far:
- Chris and I both managed to get cell phones (his is rather pathetic, but it was really cheap. he's such a luddite).
- ordered Miles' school uniform, and discovered his new teacher is from Toronto!
- made a million appointments with real estate people. We're well on the way to getting a permanent place by Sept. 1st.
- discovered that it doesn't really matter if you're constantly sweaty and gross, because everyone else is too!

Random stuff:
- we lost one of Miles' sneakers for about a day and a half. it turned up just before we bought new ones (which is a nice change from the murphy's law). it was in my knitting bag. wtf?
- we're still trying to figure out the medical stuff so that we can get Miles' cast looked at, and hopefully get him a waterproof one now. there are lots of neat swim/water play areas, but the poor guy can't make use of them yet. boo.
- Miles has inherited his dad's dislike of sweet/savoury food combinations. so that's a no on the chicken teryaki.
- also, Miles still hasn't really warmed up to any type of noodles. I still blame the manchu wok noodles he had at Ohare airport in may...
- I'm really liking the bottled sweetened milk tea (cold). it sounds weird, and it is, kinda, but mmmmm...

Hopefully next time I post I'll include pictures or something. Right now I am just too damn lazy to get up and find all the camera bits.

We miss you all terribly, and we hope you're well. Please post a comment to say hi if you want, or email, or whatever.



Sarah said...

Welcome to this side of the Pacific!

Sweetened milk tea in a bottle is yummy - as is sweetened milk coffee in a can. Enjoy all your new experiences!!

Sherri said...

Glad you're there safe and sound. Looking forward to more adventures.

Gaye ZimHuycke said...

HI there Honey, nice to hear from you and your cosmopolitan adventures. It's hot and sticky here too. Love Gaye

Team Knit ! said...

It sounds like the beginning of the Hong Kong adventure is going well so far! Congrats on the move.

- Julie

Anonymous said...

Glad to find this and glad you all are well! just read the post to Hector and Iris too!

can't wait to hear more.