Monday, June 07, 2010

WIPs in time out

i've decided i've way overthunk my two WIPs. over-outlined, over-worked, but i'm still not actually writing the damn stories, i'm kind of tiptoeing around them, and i'm pissing myself off.

i'm putting them in time out for a while. i want to get them back to the point where they were just really awesome ideas so that i can write them without stressing about the specifics, the details. details are for editing, but i have to write the damn thing first.

i'm thinking about writing a few more shorts. i'm getting some good ideas... not a lot.

i want to get my query/synopsis figured out for my current MS. once i'm done that, i'll feel a lot better about my writing situation i think...i hope...

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Sarah Askew said...

I don't think you need to worry about overthinking them. Give yourself a break and remember that writing is a very long, very painful process. I just discovered my new WIP is in a genre that's not selling so great now, which is awesome, because it's not a genre I normally write in anyway!

I keep heading to the drawingboard, looking to write something I love, and you know, I love writing, but I'm hating the muses right now.

I can totally sympathize.

on the upside, you'vce written some short fiction, and I can't even manage that right now.