Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I gave up knitting in favour of reading

Okay, not exactly. I've joined a bookclub, and last month's book was a wonderfully engaging (but very long) read. Once I finished I got right back to the knitting though, and I have made decent progress on my hoodie. I just have to knit the hood and sew the whole thing together. Wheeee.

Here is the front

Image hosted by

and the back and sleeves

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I am using andean silk from knitpicks, in sangria, navy and lettuce.

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Kadiddly said...

First of all, the hoodie looks great! I love KP yarns!

Second, one of my fellow knitters at Knitters Review Forums linked me to your blog because of your felted penguins. It seems you used the Pasha pattern from Knitty and then felted them? Did you just use a bigger needle size or did you have to adjust the pattern somehow? I'm asking because my bf loves penguins, and I'm toying with the idea of making him one for Christmas. Any tips would be appreciated! You can contact me at or on the KR Forums as kadiddly. Thanks!