Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm lazy.

That's the best excuse I have, seriously. At least, I'm a lazy blogger. It's not like I haven't been fairly productive in the last few months. But apparently it takes too much effort to write about it. Or take pictures of it. Actually, the problem with the latter may actually be finding space to photograph my knitting. I used to lay things out on my computer desk, but my HCD (horizontal clutter disorder) has gotten seriously out of control. Maybe I need to start arranging my knitting outside in flower bushes or something, like the Yarn Harlot. Speaking of, guess who I met last week. Well, no, don't guess, I just told you. I am even in the group photo of her Kingston post. And she showed me how to un-screw-up my shawl (note to self, knitting while laughing hysterically and trying not to cough up a lung do not mix). And part of the reason I am updating now is because I told her I would email her a link to my blog, and I'm embarrassed to do so without having at least semi-recent posts in it.

I still haven't taken recent pictures of my knitting. For my own accountability, here is a list of FO which I must photograph and then post. If I make a separate post for each object, maybe it'll actually start looking like I post on this blog after all.
  • Winecozy for my FIL. It needs to be embellished but I'm stuck for ideas, so maybe once I post it someone will comment and tell me what to do.
  • Mittens for my BIL. Probably too long, but better than being too short.
  • Moebius sling bag for my dad, though it still needs to be felted.
Also, I need to post a picture of my Icarus shawl as it is now. It is really very close to being finished. I think it deserves a post all its own.

I have two more projects after the shawl and then I am more or less done my x-mas presents. I still haven't decided on a hat pattern for my husband, but since that is neither a surprise nor something he desperately needs at the moment, it is probably going to be a very late x-mas gift. Or a very early next x-mas gift. It's good to plan ahead.

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