Friday, March 11, 2005

Mini Poncho, and Really Mini Poncho

This is an example of my extreme silliness when it comes to making up stuff, and swatching.

I had 2 skeins of Lush (50/50 angora and wool- yummm). I decided to make a shoulder cover/mini poncho style thingy for the spring, since I love wearing tank tops, but my post-partum cleavage is bordering on indecent.

I wanted to use the whole 2 skeins, but I didn't want to run out, so I swatched a little swatch
(on my size 15s, since I wanted a very loose gauge). When I had a nice little strip, I realised I could sew it together like I would the full sized poncho, just to see.

Then I put it on one of M's dolls, just to see...
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Very satisfied with that, I continued with the big one. It was more tedious than I thought it would be. Seed stitch *twitch* And I did a lot of knitting in the car, in winter, with the heat blowing on me, and I inhaled a fair bit of angora in the process. Floofy yarn *twitch*

Despite all my careful math and planning, it was too long by the time I was done. It slid right off my shoulders. Luckily, I was in Toronto visiting family at the time, and it gave me an excuse to visit Mokuba, a luscious ribbon store, currently managed by a friend of my brother. I love this place. Rows and rows of racks of ribbons, all organised by colour, size and type, it warms my little anal-retentive heart.

So I threaded some ribbon through the top edge, and now I have an adjustable poncho. I can pull it tight around my shoulders for warmth and coverage, or let it hang loose, over one shoulder, and pretend I'm stylish.

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