Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What's in a name?

So for the moment, this is my knitting blog. So what's with the name?

Well, there's that cute little song- mairseydoats and doseydoats and littlelambsydivy... and also, lambs make wool, and wool makes knits, so that kind of works...

Okay, so it's just the same name I use to post at another site. So I created this blog in a fit of unbridled uncreativity- sue me. I blame the message board. It's their fault I'm here. And since I don't have their witty smilies, I'll have to settle for coming off as very severe- I refuse to punctuate with LOL.

Although, a neutral name does have a bonus- flexibility. Now I'm set if I start to want to blog other aspects of my life. Like cooking, or crappy guitar playing, or my *gasp* family!

Right now, it's about the knitting. I guess I'll start with some pictures of my FOs.

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