Monday, July 04, 2005

Halfway There

I've halfway finished my "Good Bias" shrug. I'm taking a break now, so I can work on my hoodie.

Here is the first sleeve-
Image hosted by
That's really it. Sorry. I never claimed to be interesting either.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

neglectful blogger

i couldn't let a whole month go by without posting something. i'm typing one handed (baby in arms), which explains the lack of caps and such.

broadripple is at a standstill. too fiddly, plus aluminum needles make my hands ache.

i have about 45 rows left on the lace shrug. the first arm, that is. when i finish it, i think i'm going to give that project a break. i need to start working on my hoodie (which uses the same needle)- the yarn has been staring at me longingly making puppydog eyes-well, you know what i mean, i feel guilty.

i feel like i'm breaking some unspoken rule about leaving projects by the wayside. but at this rate i'm spending more time putting off/obsessing about/bitching about the stuff i'm bored with than knitting the stuff i like. call it short attention span, or severe over analysis. i've never claimed to be normal.

speaking of breaking rules- i went to my lys "buy-the-bag" sale, and bought 10 skeins of Eden Bamboo in mocha for 20% off- and i have no idea what to make with it. i'm a little panicked, actually. $60 and no plan??? what was i thinking???

yes, i obsess a tad. i'm backing away slowly. when i get back to this plane i'll drop another line.