Wednesday, November 14, 2007

High Fibre Post

Oh blog, I do apologize for neglecting you. I'm sorry to say, I'm just not that interesting...

Ahem. Yeah.

I have been spinning. I have been LOVING spinning. I bought myself a Golding spindle at Rhinebeck, and it is my new favourite toy. I spun all the way home in the car (well, until it got too dark) (oh and thanks to fiberkat for the idea) (hey, are you allowed to use parentheses like this, one after the other?) (yeah, I don't know either...)


Le sigh.

I also got to spin on a Golding wheel. It was very nearly a religious experience. I have to add a picture I stole from my friend Erin's blog:

golding wheel

I look like an utter goof in the picture. Clearly I was high on yarn fumes.

Now look at some stuff I've spun!


50/50 mohair and merino. It was only an ounce, but I did it all on the drop spindle (in fact, I bought this fibre specifically at the last minute on Sunday so I could spin it in the car).

This lovely merino:


is currently on the drop spindle becoming this:


I'm actually trying to spin singles here. We'll see how it looks when it comes off the noddy.

Ooh, that reminds me, the spinning workshop was fabulous. I need to take pictures of the stuff we spun and post it. I'm just not that organized right now (hah- try ever!)

Lastly, I have finally finished spinning Nicandro (the sunburn alpaca fleece from the sheep dog trials). I was going for laceweight, I'm not sure I quite got that, but it is just lovely nonetheless.


If you need me, I'll be huffing fleece.