Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Meet Casey and Finnegan

Mr. Dressup would be happy, I think.

They are absolutely wonderful. They're adjusting well to the house, the kids, everything.

They even snuggle up together to sleep, either in their own bed/scratching post:

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or, in an alternative location (I don't blame them, that pillow is damn cozy):

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And yes, I realise that my knitting blog has transformed into a kitty blog. I don't care. I'll get back to the yarn- eventually.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Kitty Love!

We are getting kittens on Monday. Two ones! (as M would say). They are not actually siblings, but they are the same age (14 weeks), and have been together for a while.

We had hoped we could bring them home today, but the manager of the store wasn't there to complete the adoption papers (we're adopting from the Humane Society, via PetValu).

These poor kitties do not have names. Dh and I are completely stuck. Maybe you all can give us ideas. We like mythological names, or literary names, or maybe historical/philisophical names. We want names that go together to some degree.

Now for a little inspiration:

This is the first one, the boy, who is an absolute doll, very laid back, purrs like a motor boat. He is very hairy, his body is mostly black with a few tan rosettes, and fairly big for a kitten. He looks terribly surly in this picture, but I guarantee you, that is an act.

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The second one, a girl, white with black patches and stunning gold eyes (the picture doesn't really do them justice). She's a little more timid, but cuddly, and she's teeny (at least compared to the boy). She perched herself on my shoulder for a while. She had a minor freak out when someone brought his huge white dog into the store (I mean absolutely massive, like a small polar bear). And then she ran away from me for a bit. I caught her again, so it's all good. She is going to be an adventure I think.

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Holy hell, those pictures are huge. Ah well.