Thursday, December 02, 2010

post nano

yeah, i finished my 50K words. yay me. can you feel the enthusiasm?

i don't know, maybe it's just because i never got super jazzed about the story in the first place. i'm just not feeling that fantastic. the story isn't truly done, might never be.

i got some good ideas while i was working on it. brainstorming like crazy (mostly on that 750 words site. it's seriously awesome for that). started reading again, about a book a week, though mostly it takes 2-3 days to read, then another 2-3 to recover, get my head out of the last book's 'world'.

wanting something not too heavy, finding my bookshelf severely lacking in that regard. the few supposedly funny books i have i just can't get into.

second, third, fourth guessing many of my ideas. i think my self-confidence cycles, and right now i'm in a low part of the cycle, where nothing i think or do is good enough. my ideas are contrived, my writing is stilted, i'll never be good enough or smart enough (but doggone it, people like me anyway?)

i'm not really this down on myself. i'm overreacting to a blah day. whatevs.


Anonymous said...

Another knitter who does NaNo!
Another CANADIAN knitter who NaNo's!

I am a blogless Canadian knitter who has written in the the 2009 NaNo and again in '10. (I'm hooked on it.)

My only regret about it is that it is sooo close to Christmas. Once the November month is over, I would like at least six weeks to recover and rejoin the human race.
Instead, a person resurfaces in the midst of other people having begun their Yuletide activities. And another race ensues - to get "prepared" for Christmas in less time than everyone else has had.

Thanks for the info on the 750 words site. (It sounds a lot like a Word War - with yourself.
A Word War is a set time - e.g. 10 minutes - when you write as many words as fast as you can. Whether they make sense or not, whether they are strictly in your story line. You can probably fit them in later - or in what you have already written as an explanation about something that has happened, an aside, or a thought by a character.
Are there any NaNo groups in Hong Kong that you could join?

Happy knitting to you. I have found knitting to be a calming influence when I am desperate for some action on the part of my characters. (This year the working title of my novel is "Knitter's Anonymous".)


Kimberly Pye said...

Now you're getting a flood of comments to your internet presence from some random chick called KimberlyPye. ;)

Raveler here! And writer. And Nano'er. ;)

I can't believe YOU wrote this post, and not me. My sentiments exactly. "50,000. Meh. Now what?"

I put my crappy unfinished story away for a lonnng time. Just dug it out again last week, and whammo! I think I'm on to something! I did that Storywonk revision thingy, and it was great. But I still needed to ignore my novel for a long time after.

Best of luck to you! Don't give up!